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Our high-quality dental services extend to your kids, too. We make it easy for parents and their children to come in and get their dental treatment at the same time for convenience. Our pediatric dentist in Tempe will help your kids maintain their bright smiles and achieve optimal dental health as they grow. The earlier your little ones go to a children’s dentist in Tempe, the better their chances of keeping dental issues in check for the long term.

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Tempe, AZ, you can rest assured we understand the special dental needs of children. You can count on our experienced team to take care of your kids’ teeth, whether they need a simple checkup, a tooth extraction or another procedure.

We provide a full range of kids and adults dental care options. If you want your child to have the brightest smile in the neighborhood, contact us today.

Your Child’s First Dental Checkup

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends taking your child for their first dental checkup when they get their first baby tooth. You can wait until more primary teeth have appeared, but definitely bring your child to see a dentist before their first birthday.

Our friendly staff will welcome you and your child and make sure they are comfortable with their dentist. Our team provides personalized, gentle care to make your kid’s first dentist visit a positive experience.

Kids Dentist Tempe AZ

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Pediatric Dentist Tempe AZ

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Kids’ Dental Care – What We Offer

Our children’s dentist in Tempe offers a full range of services, so you will never have to worry about finding a new pediatric dentist again. Get the details on our various services.

Comfortable Kids’ Dental Care

Going to a pediatric dentist in Tempe does not have to be frightening for kids. We take every possible step to make kids comfortable when receiving care. This includes TVs on the ceilings in each treatment room to distract children and sedation dentistry options. If your child has dental anxiety, ask about nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia. This will help your child relax while receiving dental care.

Examinations and Assessments

Proper kids’ dental care begins with an examination and assessment. Our pediatric dentist will search for issues and make suggestions if there are any problems.

Cleanings and Fluoride Treatments

Clean teeth are healthy teeth. Our pediatric dentist in Tempe provides cleaning and fluoride treatments. Both help prevent cavities, so your child will have a healthy mouth throughout childhood and into adulthood.


If your child’s teeth have deep grooves in them, it will be easy for food to get trapped that leads to decay. After an assessment, the pediatric dentist will let you know if sealants are necessary. Sealants go right over the top of the teeth, making it easier for kids to keep their teeth clean.

Restorative Care

We also provide restorative care, including fillings and crowns for our pediatric patients. It takes special care when working with kids. Our pediatric dentist will ensure your child is comfortable and stress-free before beginning care. Extractions When a tooth is badly decayed, damaged due to trauma, or preventing permanent teeth from coming in, an extraction might be necessary. Our children’s dentist in Tempe can perform extractions in the office.



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